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Many shipowners and P&I members will be recently aware of the current situation with regard to the latest advice issued by the US Treasury in relation to the monitoring of vessels AIS and tracking equipment in relation to sanctions issues.


There is a particular emphasis given on monitoring such transmissions for suspicious or abnormal behaviour.  In addition insurers and others across the sector are advised that counterparties should assess the AIS history of all new clients and “refuse to conduct business with vessels that have a history of AIS manipulation not consistent with SOLAS.” 


Although members will often have an in house technical solution or use third party providers to assist with vessel monitoring.  Members will also be aware that vessel AIS transmissions are often lost in high density areas, isolated areas or on other occasions where satellites fail to receive positioning data. 


The question is of course if you are notified of a breach, what do you do about it? how do you investigate it? and how do you prove it?


The US Treasury Department states that members are therefore advised to obtain independent advice and/or consult a reputable AIS monitoring service provider before disengaging from existing contracts or declining new ventures.


In addition the Guidance also places heavy emphasis on the need to perform proper know your customer (KYC) and know your customer’s customer (KYCC) procedures plus in depth dynamic risk assessments. 


Land and Sea Forensics are in a unique position to be able to carry out these services and indeed many P&I clubs currently use our vessel monitoring, KYC, due diligence, investigation services and asset tracing especially when there has been an incident or when things have gone wrong.  As a reminder of how may assist we have detailed below two key products which may assist:




Relying on one AIS data provider of track and monitor vessels is insufficient to provide accurate vessels tracking data.  Therefore our SHIP SURVEILLANCE ™’product is a multi integrated multi layered service using both human and technical sources to accurately track and monitor vessels globally.  We use data from all the AIS providers together with port information, global mapping services, commodity trading databases, agents and correspondents to accurately ensure vessels are operating in an appropriate manner.




Our ‘SHIP SHIELD ™’ product utilises the fully integrated and multi layered SHIP SURVEILLANCE TM’ service but is backed up by our enhanced due diligence, KYC, enquiries with regard to proof of beneficial ownership, corporate structures, sanctions checks and intelligence gathering.


Each of these services and products can be utilised independently or in a combined manner either on a one off basis or as part of a subscription service  to meet the criteria required by the Guidance.  For more information please contact us below:



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